Sunday Morning


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Pastel nails

Decided to paint my nails in different pastel colors today :)

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Love by Chloe

This is my absolute favorite scent at the moment!! It smells so good, I want to eat it (sort of)! :)

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Moved my blog

Finally moved to wordpress! :) URL is now

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YSL Arty Ring

I’ve forgotten to take pictures lately, but when I got this one, I had to take pictures of it! I loooove it so much!! β™₯ :)


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Marc Jacobs – Cranberry

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First post of 2012 :)

Thinking of changing platforms to WordPress, but I’m not sure yet. Can’t make up my mind…

Part of my Christmas vacation:

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Collecting makeup…

I don’t even use half of the stuff I have! Sometimes I honestly buy makeup just because of the packaging XD Can’t help it, I love it so much β™₯ :)

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More Harajuku stuff…

I love this line so much! I want everything from it! :)

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