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Baby Lips + China Glaze



I’m in loooove with this China Glaze polish! It’s called “flip flop fantasy” and I think it’s from a previous summer collection (but I never use nail polish “seasonly”) :) Also, I’m in looove with Maybelline baby lips!

And excuse the picture quality, I took these with my iPhone

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Victoria’s Secret

I love their body lotions and body butters! These are just some old photos I found of the previous scents I’ve tried. I think my favorites were Mango Temptation, Lost in Fantasy and Hello Darling, but now I really want to try some new ones! :)

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One of my old tumblr posts (I think) :) I love books so much, but I never seem to find time to read them!

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One of my favorite things

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Philosophy – Purity made simple face wash

My favorite cleanser so far! Need to get a new one soon, but this one has lasted me longer than any other cleanser, ever! :)

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Hot chocolate =

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Pink shoes

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I love Hello Kitty!



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Yankee Candle – Soft Blanket

Need to get more of these! And also try some new scents! :) There’s just so many different ones, I always end up not being able to chose…

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