Another old way of storing makeup and nail polish

I’ve been going through old pictures and putting away the ones I really want to edit. These were some of the ones I found, and thought I might post here :)

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Old pictures of my makeup and nail polish storage

I found these old pictures of how I used to store my makeup and nail polish. They kind of inspired me to try and redo the way I currently store everything. Hopefully, I’ll actually get around to it!

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Jeffrey Campbell – Lita

I was going through some old pictures, and I’d forgotten I even had these! I think they’re so pretty, but they make me soooo tall that I feel uncomfortable wearing them! Really wish I could wear them more…

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My Beauty Diary – sheet masks

I’m in love with these! I got the apple polyphenol mask and the collagen firming mask. Not sure why I chose those exact two, but I’m definitely getting more! They feel so great and comforting on your skin, and they’re pretty cheap! But there are just so many to chose from, I’m wondering if maybe I should try different ones next time as well. Either way, I’m getting these two again! :D

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Old tumblr posts – part 4

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Old tumblr posts – part 3

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Old Tumblr posts – part 2

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My old tumblr posts – part 1

I decided to gather all my old tumblr posts here on my blog. There were more photos than I thought there’d be, so here’s part 1

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I looove Arizona tea

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Favorite greens

I’ve been loving these colors lately! :)

Essie: Navigate Her

Opi: Gargantuan Green Grape

Essie: Mint Candy Apple


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