Soap & Glory + Essie (mini) haul

I love soap and glory products, they make me so happy!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 1.17.09 AM

2014-02-06 19.35.56 2

2014-02-06 18.02.57

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My favorite Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists


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I want all of them <3


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Neutrogena Pink Greatfruit

Why do I always buy stuff just because it’s pretty?! I can’t help it, but these two I actually liked :) The facial wash was a bit annoying at first as it kind of fell through my fingers before I was even able to lather it up, but after a while a got the hang of it. Wouldn’t mind buying these again!


IMG_5918 copy

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Baby Lips + China Glaze



I’m in loooove with this China Glaze polish! It’s called “flip flop fantasy” and I think it’s from a previous summer collection (but I never use nail polish “seasonly”) :) Also, I’m in looove with Maybelline baby lips!

And excuse the picture quality, I took these with my iPhone

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My Beauty Diary – sheet masks

I’m in love with these! I got the apple polyphenol mask and the collagen firming mask. Not sure why I chose those exact two, but I’m definitely getting more! They feel so great and comforting on your skin, and they’re pretty cheap! But there are just so many to chose from, I’m wondering if maybe I should try different ones next time as well. Either way, I’m getting these two again! :D

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Old Tumblr posts – part 2

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My old tumblr posts – part 1

I decided to gather all my old tumblr posts here on my blog. There were more photos than I thought there’d be, so here’s part 1

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Favorite greens

I’ve been loving these colors lately! :)

Essie: Navigate Her

Opi: Gargantuan Green Grape

Essie: Mint Candy Apple


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Butter London

Even more nail polishes… Got these today, “Trout Pout” and “Pink Ribbon”. The trout pout is much more coral/pink than it shows up on the pictures

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