I love this combination

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Baby Lips + China Glaze



I’m in loooove with this China Glaze polish! It’s called “flip flop fantasy” and I think it’s from a previous summer collection (but I never use nail polish “seasonly”) :) Also, I’m in looove with Maybelline baby lips!

And excuse the picture quality, I took these with my iPhone

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Another old way of storing makeup and nail polish

I’ve been going through old pictures and putting away the ones I really want to edit. These were some of the ones I found, and thought I might post here :)

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Old pictures of my makeup and nail polish storage

I found these old pictures of how I used to store my makeup and nail polish. They kind of inspired me to try and redo the way I currently store everything. Hopefully, I’ll actually get around to it!

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Old tumblr posts – part 4

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Old tumblr posts – part 3

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Old Tumblr posts – part 2

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My old tumblr posts – part 1

I decided to gather all my old tumblr posts here on my blog. There were more photos than I thought there’d be, so here’s part 1

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Favorite greens

I’ve been loving these colors lately! :)

Essie: Navigate Her

Opi: Gargantuan Green Grape

Essie: Mint Candy Apple


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Butter London

Even more nail polishes… Got these today, “Trout Pout” and “Pink Ribbon”. The trout pout is much more coral/pink than it shows up on the pictures

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